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Now, Next, Not Yet and Never audiences

Why we go beyond simply 'targeting' or 'not targeting' each audience segment

The face of audience strategy is changing. In the past, brands often adopted a binary approach, choosing to 'target' or 'not target' specific segments. But we at Audience Strategies believe in a more nuanced approach that better serves your brand's growth. We see the audience landscape as a spectrum divided into four distinct yet interconnected segments: Now, Next, Not Yet, and Never audiences.

Now Audiences: Advocates in Action

Now audiences are those with whom you've established a solid product-market fit. They are your brand's avid fans, engaged and committed to your product or service. The aim with Now audiences is to convert them from mere fans into active advocates. Their loyalty and enthusiasm can generate powerful word-of-mouth promotion, potentially drawing in new customers and enhancing your brand reputation.

Next Audiences: From Likers to Lovers

Your Next audiences are those who are lightly engaged with your brand. They like what you offer but haven't yet fully immersed themselves in your product or service. These audiences present a golden opportunity for innovation and growth. By offering new products, pricing options, partnerships, or promotions, you can inspire them to transition from casual likers to devoted fans.

Not Yet Audiences: The Potential Future

Not Yet audiences are those who interact with your brand minimally, but not for lack of potential. While they may not be your primary focus today, don't be quick to dismiss them. Keeping them in your periphery allows you to anticipate future growth opportunities, so when the time is right, you can pivot your strategies to engage them more effectively.

Never Audiences: Focus on What Matters

Finally, Never audiences are those that, realistically, your brand is unlikely to engage. Perhaps they are hard to reach, or your offering simply does not align with their needs or interests. Recognizing these audiences allows you to allocate your resources more wisely, focusing on those who are more likely to respond positively to your strategies.

Why Look Beyond Simply 'Targeting'?

The reason for this multifaceted approach to audience strategy is straightforward: growth isn't a one-size-fits-all process. Solely relying on your Now audiences could limit your growth potential and risk your brand's longevity. Conversely, attempting to appeal to all audiences equally can be an impractical drain on resources.

By breaking down your audience into these four categories, you not only deepen your understanding of your customers but also establish a more strategic, adaptable approach to audience engagement. In doing so, you create a flexible, forward-thinking audience strategy that empowers you to respond to the ever-evolving consumer landscape effectively.

Remember, building a thriving brand is not about capturing everyone's attention—it's about captivating the right people, at the right time, with the right approach. Our Now, Next, Not Yet, and Never audience framework can help you do just that.

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