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Lighting the Path to Audience Insight: Our Four Cornerstone Conferences

We believe in the transformative power of shared knowledge and collaboration. Here's one way we support that.

At Audience Strategies, we believe in the transformative power of learning and growing together. This ethos is never more apparent than during our yearly conferences. Drawing together some of the brightest minds in their respective fields, our four annual conferences serve as exciting platforms for sharing knowledge, challenging old ideas, and inspiring fresh perspectives in the realm of audience strategy. TMRE: The Market Research Event TMRE is an intellectual feast for those passionate about market research. Each year, we bring together a crowd of a thousand people from all corners of the market research community. Renowned thought leaders, famous authors, celebrities, and insight leaders from global corporations converge to ignite conversations that challenge the status quo and invigorate the industry. Our role in setting the agenda and chairing the main stage ensures that TMRE remains one of the top-tier market research conferences worldwide. AI Trailblazers Summit Held in the US, the AI Trailblazers Summit is an exploration into how artificial intelligence can supercharge our understanding of audiences and inspire innovation within large corporations. For two days, the sharpest minds in AI converge to share insights about the practical application of AI in audience intelligence. From AI practitioners to executives interested in leveraging AI for business growth, all leave with a better understanding of how to drive progress through AI. Entertainment Analytics Conference Based in LA, this conference brings the world of entertainment under one roof, unifying representatives from movie studios, video games, television, and music. As data science continues to revolutionize the entertainment industry, we provide a platform where the brightest data scientists can discuss the triumphs and tribulations of their work. This conference fosters an open and honest dialogue about the evolving role of data science in entertainment. AudienceCON Expanding from London to the US, AudienceCON places the spotlight on audiences. It's a nexus where marketing, innovation, and audience understanding intersect. This conference draws together forward-thinking professionals who understand the importance of putting audiences at the heart of decision making. Audience Con's robust discussions about the future of audience-centric strategies continue to empower attendees year after year. As we navigate the fast-paced world of audience strategy, it's crucial that we don't lose sight of the importance of collective learning. Our conferences are designed to challenge attendees, to stretch their understanding, and to foster collaboration. But the benefits of these conferences extend beyond those who attend. Our clients should take immense pride in our commitment to these events. By playing a leading role in these conferences, we're not only championing the power of data-driven audience strategy, but we're also bringing back invaluable insights, trends, and connections. This knowledge directly benefits our clients, ensuring we deliver the most cutting-edge strategies to help them understand, engage, and grow their audiences. Our mission is to illuminate the path toward a better, more impactful use of audience data. By leading these conferences, we're casting a light that benefits our entire industry – and every client we're privileged to support. We believe in the transformative power of shared knowledge and collaboration, and we're proud to facilitate these conversations every year.

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