Of all the words we could have used to describe what we're passionate about, 'Audience Strategies' were the two that stood out. Data / insight / research / analytics / data science can be used in many tactical ways to understand audiences, but data's biggest impact is when it helps to be STRATEGIC about growing your AUDIENCE.

We build audience strategy capabilities (teams, projects, processes and technologies) that help brands grow through developing clarity on who their audiences are and what they should do to better engage them. We've built these capabilities to help Presidents, Prime Ministers, pop stars, DJs, rappers, authors, video games designers and TV producers as well as luxury goods brands, retailers and technology companies. We've worked with the world's biggest brands and also tiny, pre-funding startups. We've developed and refined lots of repeatable tools and techniques along the way. We'd love to share them. When audience strategies work, they're like magic in how they transform both the economics and the culture of an organisation.

The world is in the early days of using data to understand audiences. It feels like the early days of the X-ray, which let doctors look inside and understand the body for the first time: It took 100 years for X-rays to be properly integrated into doctors' ways of working. It may seem like the data revolution is upon us, but like the early days of the X-ray, it's still not at all clear to most organisations how data should be integrated into their daily life. We love helping organisations work this out.

We love working with brilliant leaders who are driven by a vision for how audiences can be more impactful to your organisation. We help make it so. By designing the capabilities you need and then helping you implement them in the long term. If you have a feeling that being more strategic about your audience could transform your business - Let's talk!

Our strongest core value is truth. That means we'll be honest about whether we can make a big difference for you. If we can't then it will be our pleasure to connect you with someone in our network that can. We're lucky to have an awesome network. Two-thirds of conversations go this way. Connecting smart people brings us great joy and we're still happy to offer advice and support, even if the bulk of the work is done by another agency.

Five questions we love answering. We don't market our services. We don't list standard products or services on our website and we don't advertise or market them. We work mostly through referrals. But we're always happy to share our approach with anyone who is interested. That said, there are five questions we love to answer:

Inspiration from all angles. We help individual brands that want to find growth as well as the next generation of analytics and insight service providers and the next generation of practitioners through leading conferences on insight and data science. Together we will move the world towards a better, more impactful use of audience data. If you work with us you get inspiration from our work in every area of the insight industry.

Strategy + Brands: We combine analytics-driven strategic thinking with experience working on consumer strategies with some of the biggest entertainment and luxury brands in the world.

Capabilities and tools: An Audience Strategy can require bringing together many tools and techniques. Here is an overview of those that we find most useful. No brand can do it all. We'll work with your brand to find the right suite for you.

Creativity is critical: the difference between success and failure often lies in understanding the role of data versus creativity and expertise in decision-making. Here is how we see it:

Want to find out more? We post lots more content on the Audience Strategies LinkedIn page or on David's LinkedIn page, including videos of our talks and regular points of view on how insights can be as impactful as possible. Here is a short overview of us and our work.

Think we can help? Please get in touch: david@audiencestrategies.com